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What To Expect

When you go to church, do you expect a lecture hall or a banquet hall? God calls us together for corporate worship each and every week because He desires to feed us at a banquet table. Worship is not only what we do with our songs and fellowship and prayers, but it is equally what God does to us: giving us His gracious revelation from the Scriptures and from the Communion Table. We view our worship at Cypress Ridge as Covenant Renewal Worship following a biblical pattern of calling, consecration, communion, and commission. 

We believe that the good news of the Gospel is that the resurrection of Jesus from the dead nearly twenty centuries ago in real time and space was the inauguration of new creation - a new creation that will one day come to completion at the second coming of Jesus Christ. Until that great day, we know that Jesus is continuing to renew His bride, the Church, in holiness and righteousness.

Children In Worship

At Cypress Ridge we have options for families:

  1. Children are welcome to remain in the Worship Center for the entire service. Our service is typically no longer than one hour and 15 minutes.

  2. There is a fully staffed nursery and a pre-school room. The nursery is for infants thru 1 year olds. The pre-school room is for 2-3 year olds.

  3. Because children are so important to the Lord and to us, children of all ages are invited to come forward for prayer near the beginning of our worship service.

  4. Following the Children's Prayer, children may return to their seats or go to Children's Worship.

  5. Children's Worship is offered for those from age 4 through 3rd grade. CW includes Bible teaching, activities, and a light snack. Children are brought back to the Worship Center before Communion.

  6. There is a cry room at the back of the Worship Center where parents can take their child(ren) during the service.

  7. There are Kidz Worship Bulletins available for children remaining in the service.



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