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December MISSION: Faith Xtreme

Faith Xtreme reaches kids through evangelism, disciples them in God's Word, and provides opportunities for them to serve Jesus by serving others. Our facility, the Refuge, provides a safe place for these kids in the midst of an at-risk community; our pantry provides free food and clothing to meet the physical needs of families.

Faith Xtreme tells kids about God’s presence, power, and purpose in their life, even in the most difficult situations. To do that kids need a safe place, a refuge, where they can come to play, eat and just hang out with other kids without fear of being picked on or left out. Where they can sit and talk with a leader who cares about them and who will really listen to them.

If we hope for these kids to gain a relationship with Jesus, then that relationship needs to start with us, because we are His hands and feet in this world.

You can read more about there ministry here


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